New Gearboxes

Manufacture of gearboxes for "drop-in" replacement

The solution to replace your gearbox with a standard catalog one is NOT the best alternative even if it is the same brand that has worked for many years:

Extended working life

Our “Drop In” gearboxes perform with the same set assembly between 12% up to 35% upgrade than any other catalog new gearbox than any other European, American or Asean manufacturer with similar dimensions achieving a higher Service Factor and extended life.

Quick installation on same assembly dimensions

Our “Drop In” Transmissions and Gearboxes for replacement are identical in dimensions and assemblies to existing ones so that they are installed immediately and you do not have to modify your peripherals to install them.


Reverse Engineering at user´s place or in the field ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for "DROP IN" Gearbox replacement with the same assembly.

The Best Price and Delivery Time

Meusnier, uses the most advanced technology in the world to manufacture gears, meet shorter manufacturing processes times and higher quality than even the largest European, American and Asian manufacturers.

Larger Warranty

Meusnier provides up to a 3-year warranty on its Drop In gearboxes and parts, far more than the warranty offered by catalog Gearboxes.

Greater Reliability

Meusnier always includes advisory and technical support in the field for the proper installation and start-up of equipment or parts anywhere in the world.

Gearboxes and parts: repair Vs new from catalog


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